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    Show Parent TOC in Child Project




      I am having difficulties displaying the Merged TOC in the child project.  The application I am working with calls the help via URL.


      When I open any of the child htm files after generating locally, I see the Parent TOC.  But when I move the project to the server via FileZilla, and view the help via the application, the Parent html files display the Merged TOC, but the Child displays only the Child TOC.


      I read all the info on Peter Grainge's site, but can't see what I can change to get this to work.



      In WebHelp Settings, Show Merged TOC in Child Project is turned on for the Parent.


      I tried experimenting with the differnt URL calls described on Peter's site, but if I use the suggested format (X:/helpfolder/startpage.htm#mergedprojects/child_project/target_topic_1.htm) I end up with both TOCs displaying.

      8-6-2013 2-34-17 PM.jpg


      Any help or suggestions is appreciated!


      Note: Using RoboHelp 9 and generating WebHelp.