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    Premiere adding repeated frames when overwriting with transitions



      Having a bit of a problem (software bug?). I work with groups of clips on a timeline with 5 clips for each group (Intro / segment1 / segment2 / segment3 / outtro) and each week we replace 1 or 2 of each segment so we don't have to do a complete re-edit each week (for example one week we may replace segnemt 2 in each group for the new week and keep 1 & 3 intact)


      I'm replacing clips on a timeline using an Overwrite Edit while keeping the transitions from the previous clips intact (cross dissolve with center alignment). The new clip is IDENTICAL in length to the previous clip I'm replacing (so "handels" are already there) however Premiere is adding repeated frames to the head of the new clip (so the incoming image freezes up until half way thorugh the transition). One way I found to fix this is using the SLIP tool to drag the new clip to the left and line up the in point of the new clip to where it should be. I'd use this as a fix, however I'm replacing over 300 clips in some instances and it's just not time efficient to slip and tweak each one.


      I hope this makes sense.


      Anyways, has anyone else encountered this? Is it a bug? Any workarounds?