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    Flash CC, AS2 and Online Ad Specifications


      I recently purchased a subscription and noticed Flash CC doesnt have AS2. Lots of  Online Ad specifications (eg http://au.adspecs.yahoo.com/formats.php?standard_medium_rectangle_au) require AS2. If there any support at all in Flash CC or AS2? ie is it something i can change in prefernces etc? Why have Adobe removed this when several websites still request AS2!!!!


      Also, the flash version goes back to 10.3, where I would normally go back to Flash 8 so as many people as possible can view the ad


      Flash Guidelines

      Flash Version:5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
      • AS1 or AS2 - Y!7 and Third party Hosted
      • AS3 - Third Party Hosted Only
      Max Frame Rate:25 fps
      • For full flash specs refer to the Flash Banner Guide.
      • All click through buttons must open a new browser window
      • All creative must have a border or a dark, contrasting background


      Why isn't adobe taking this into consideration and when will AS2 be added to Flash CC?