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    Dynamic Link Not Working?

    HandsomeDragon Level 1

      I have the Creative Suite, and currently I have After Effects cs6 installed, and two verions of Adobe Premier Pro, one is 6.0, the othet is 7.0 (Premier Pro CC).

      When I choose Dynamic link from After effects and Premier version 6.0, it works. But what if I want the dynamic link to link with version 7.0? I choose Dynamic link

      from 7.0 and the option is grayed out. Is there any way around it, I don't understand.


      Please and thank you.





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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          Adobe Dynamic Link has always been a two way road only inside the same version of the Suite. Although it was possible to import into PrPro via Dynamic Link AE compositions from older Suite versions (don't know if it changed in CC), it was never possible to go the opposite direction. Therefore, if you want fully functional Dynamic Link in CC, you need to get both AE CC and PrPro CC installed.

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            HandsomeDragon Level 1

            I see, that makes sense. I have Adobe Premier CC but not After Effects CC. I mainly didn't download it yet because all of the plugins I have are in After Effects cs6. I guess when I do do download it, I would have to reinstall the plugins into After Effects CC if I want to use Dynamic link with Premier Pro CC.


            Thank you again!