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    Need Shadowbox Widget?

    johnd59898678 Level 1

      I have been trying to solve this issue for 3 months and I am sure there must be a simple solution?


      I have a site with several individual JPEG Image Thumbnails of furniture pieces. My client wants me to have it where when someone rolls-over or clicks a thumbnail it will temporarily pop up a larger version of the same image with a dismiss box to close it out after viewing. I sort of have this working in a non-elegant way by adding a link-tag, but I dont have any control over positioning the resulting image and I cannot get a visual indication with the cursor when someone hovers over a thumbnail that it is clickable.


      I have seen "Shadowbox" widgets with gallerys that do this and dim the whole surrounding screen and center the large image until dismissed (which would be fine), but I have not found one for Dreamweaver? Maybe this is already built-in and I just cannot find it? I can do it with the Slideshow Widget in Muse, but not easily in DW.


      Any ideas how to do this (I would think it would be a very common need)?