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    Copying same named colours onto ID documents!


      Can anyone help us with a problem please. We are recent converts to ID CS6 from QXP. We create catalogue pages by mounting data onto a page (Using Stibo STEP PIM System) styled by templates. We need to drag flashes onto a page so that they change to the colour of that section. We used to do this in QXP by having a colour named 'Section Colour' on our template and a colour on our destination page called 'Section Colour' which could be different CMYK values depending on which 'Section' the page was in. When we mounted something onto the page using 'Section Colour' the CMYK values would change to those on the destination page.


      If we do this in ID CS6 it brings on a new colour called 'Section Colour 2' which we have to delete & replace with 'Section Colour'. Not a major problem you might think but when you produce approx 18,000 pages a year which each go through 3-4 amends cycles it can be easily missed. is there any way to get InDesign to do this automatically like QXP? I know it does it when bringing same named colours on from a library.