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    Quicktime .movs error Premiere CC. Damaged or unsupported file type.


      I'm having major problems with Quicktime .movs (anims & prores) in Premiere CC - which is making it completely unuseable.


      Sometimes the files load and work but 90% of the time I get the unsupported file type error.


      I've double checked the files are fine on various computers and they are, but Premiere CC refuses to work properly with them.

      A project with 10 clips - each time I open a few open fine and work - but never all of them and it randomly changes which ones work and which ones are unsupported.


      Any ideas would be most appreciated!


      Windows 8 64bit

      Premiere CC

      Quicktime 7.7.4

      Quadro 2000 - have tried both latest official driver and the later Beta driver with no difference.