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    Automation of Customized graphics/infographics




      In the team that I work we do analysis but we also create custom infographics and dashboards to present the data.


      The graphics designer in our team creates some seriously out-standing graphics in Illustrator but at some point we would like to automate some of the regular reports that we send out by just having to update the data and then for his custom graphics/graphs to update themselves.


      What I would like to find out is where do we start in terms of getting this done in the long-term or is just a simple matter of manipulating exisiting graphing tools in illustrator to look like the ones he has, or do we need to create big java scripts to drawph the graphs with the selected input data, or do they just draw the framework in Java and then you add customized graphics ontop of that?


      Any help in the right direction would be much appreciated.


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          Muppet Mark Level 5

          You start by looking at the App's in-built Variable Data… See if this can deal with your needs first if so NO need for scripted solution…


          If it turns out to be too complex or not even doable then look th script… Still may not be doable Script does NOT have access to all of AI's features…


          The actual data could be basic but using Graphic Styles and such it can look quite rich…


          Posting Pictures is usually the best thing… If you can that is…