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    Audio drops out of clip in PE10

    martinpat1 Level 1

      Hello all


      Just been creating a project of several clips, all relatively short (i.e. around 1 minute), and on two of the clips, the audio stops after around 10 seconds. There's nothing wrong with these clips - they play perfectly fine elsewhere. I've tried cutting/clearing the files from the project and re-importing, renaming the files, creating new projects etc but no luck.


      Any ideas?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It depends on what model of camcorder the video came from and what format and resolution it is.


          But it sounds as though you merely didn't give the program time to fully conform the audio before you started editing.


          Clear the video clips from your project and then re-import them. Wait for the program to fully conform the video and audio (as indicated by the messages along the bottom of the program) before you add the clips to your timeline.

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            martinpat1 Level 1

            When previewing, the clip plays without the sound too. All the clips are from the same source, a Samsung camera, in mp4 format. If I clear the files from the project and re-import, the same thing happens. If it was a conforming issue the first time I did it, clearing the files doesn't seem to allow me to start "fresh".

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              My original thinking was that the Conforming process had not completed, but it sounds like something else might be happening.


              First, a few questions please:


              What OS, and version, are you running?

              Exactly how did you get your MP4 files into PrE - the exact steps might be important?


              Good luck,



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                martinpat1 Level 1

                It's Mac Lion (10.7.5). I pretty much always drag-and-drop files into the media area, but today I've been using the "Get Media" method to try and sort it out. I've just exported the problem files back to mp4 using another application, re-imported, and the problem disappears. This is a similar problem to my other post which I shall now answer...