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    Dreamweaver CC not prompting to put dependent files when uploading ColdFusion .cfm files?

    solaced Level 1

      I just 'upgraded' (if you consider DW CC an upgrade) from CS6 to CC, and am having problems with .cfm files.


      I have followed all the instructions to get DW CC to open and edit .cfm files..... and it does this just fine. I have also installed the server behaviours and databases panel extension.


      However heres the BIG problem: when I want to upload a .cfm file to a server, I am no longer getting a prompt to upload dependent files! It prompts me fine if I upload a .html file, but not .cfm.


      I mostly work with .cfm files and make changes to CSS files regularly. Whenever I upload a .cfm it is essential that DW also uploads the dependent files associated with it.


      Please how can I fix this issues? I have gone into preferences and all the boxes are checked correctly to prompt for dependent files when putting/getting. I'm so stuck I'm thinking about cancelling my CC products and going back to CS6.