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    Why not respect our request always?


      Why does Adobe think it has the right to bundle Google downloads with their product updates evertime?  I feel like you’re trying to cop a feel when it was just supposed to be a simple hello hug and kiss... and saying no once is not enough.  it happens every time!!


      Same goes for automatic downloads, you ask the same question every time.  Why not respect our last input. No now means no later, especially if your pushy...

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          Mike M Level 6

          Adobe DEVELOPS and DISTRIBUTES Flash Player, Reader and Shockwave, so they DO have the right to bundle it with whatever they please... It's THEIR product not yours, and it's FREE. When you download "freeware" or an update, you have the option to "not" download or install the bundled software. There are two exceptions to this that I've seen, and they've both been documented and reported to development.


          With EVERY Adobe product, you have the ability to disable updates and notifications. If you install an update that REPLACES the older version, it naturally replaces the preferences and you rchoice to not update MUST be made again. That's the same for Microsoft, Corel, Java, Cisco and many other software developers.


          I don't like unwanted installers any more than you do but... the fact is, this practice is industry wide, it offsets costs for every company that does it, and IT ISN'T GOING AWAY IN YOUR LIFETIME OR MINE... so "buck up" and uncheck the box when you see it. 

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            Viol@ted_user Level 1

            Hey McBlob, as a Adobe community regular your answer sounds very proper.  However you must not be a developer as your comment that "an update that replaces the other version... naturally replaces the preferences" is such a load of crap.  Any first year developer can read a preference setting  and replace that same setting using computer memory when doing an update. Preferences are saved and reapplied in updates of well developed software products all the time.  Adobe just chooses not to do that!!!


            Those three pluses next to your name are not deserved with comments like you posted to me.  I test software for a living and know what can be done with software.  The fact that everyone one accepts the way it currently is does not make it correct and you telling me to " "buck up" "  makes your role as a community support person questionable. How many others do you tell to just accept the crap that is provided by development as it is just the way it works... Are you a true helper?


            Yes their Flash software is free and yes it is theirs however the computer is mine... I must have found one of those exceptions you referenced where I was not provided an option to deselect the install of the Google tool bar.  This is a bug that development should have as a P1, my guess is that they have it as a P4 not even worrying about it....


            Thanks for your comments and insight.  Another example of the decline of prodcuts and their support.

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              Mike M Level 6

              I'm sorry you're so "butt hurt" by reality... perhaps you need a longer nap. I tell it to EVERYONE who comes in here "whining" about something that ISN'T going to change, and they DO have options to avoid. You're a smart... person... you should be able to figure out how to get to the full (unbundled) installers, (I've know where they are for years) but NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Smart all too often equals lazy anymore, and your case is a perfect example. Just follow the easiest path and then complain about the things along the way.


              If you're such a whiz at development as you imply, here's an IDEA for you. Why dont you put some of your immense knowledge and all that pent up frustration to work and put together an ALTERNATIVE to Flash Player. I'm sure yours will be so great it'll have NO PROBLEM putting Adobe completely out of business in... sixty, maybe ninety years at best. By then HTML5 will have made Flash obsolete and your alternative will be moot, but I'm sure there'll be another free download of something with bundled installers that'll have people whining by then.

              And since you didn't read it, or if you did, you refused to acknowledge it because it would make you look like even more of an @$$ in your reply...


              "There are two exceptions to this that I've seen, and they've both been documented and reported to development."


              That refers to a Flash Player update (not a download - but an automatic update) that installs McAfee Security Scan (with no "opt out") and a Reader update (again, not a download - but an automatic update) that installs Google Toolbar and Chrome (with no "opt out"). I witnessed BOTH of these on test machines, screenshots were made, reports were put together and they were submitted BY AN EMPLOYEE to the DEV people. That was more than a month ago, but there haven't been any new update releases in that time, so there's no way to know if they've done anything about them.


              Being as I'm my own boss and I don't work for Adobe in any way, shape, manner or form, I won't find about any changes until everyone else does. But... When I have to update something I go to the direct updaters, whether it's here, Apple or Microsoft, or any other software I use, because I already have all the software I intend to use, installed on my PCs and my Mac and I don't want any bundled stuff with my freebies or updates.


              And the reason why I have three (3) plusses by my screen name is because I know how to install and use products like Flash Player, Reader, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash Professional, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign, and Audition.  I put in time here while I'm building & testing websites or making changes to them, or doing design work for people, and occasionally fixing someone's computer.  I've helped a lot more people with my answers than this thread will or would even if I hadn't replied to it, because it serves no purpose other than allowing you to "vent", it doesn't ask a question about anything that can be fixed, and it basically wastes (yes, WASTES) server space here.

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                pwillener Level 8

                Viol@ted_user wrote:


                I test software for a living and know what can be done with software.

                But obviously you don't know how the Adobe download site operates.  Yes, your opt-out choices could be stored in a cookie, but most users regularly clean their cookies, so it's a kind of useless to even contemplate that option.


                But what you can do instead of opting out every time, or (worse) getting bundled software via automatic download without any opt-out, is to use the offline installers, which are never bundled with any 3rd-party software, and which download links are posted several dozen times in this forum every day.