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    Extract swatch information to text script

    timlogochair Level 1

      I have 10,000 files that all include a folder of swatches called "Fabrics".   Is there a script that I can run to export the following information to a single text file?


      1. Column 1 of the txt file should be the actual filename (minus the file extension ai/pdf, if possible).
      2. Column 2, 3, etc should list out all of the colors that are in the "Fabric" folder


      I'd like to run the script as a batch on all 10,000 files at one time, where each file adds one line of text to the txt file using columns/tabs for as many colors are listed from the certain folder called "Fabrics".  I would not want color from other swatch folders, or swatches not in any folder.  I'd like the script to save the updated txt file.


      Can anyone help with this?  On a PC so javascript would be best.