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    Help,I can't run AIF Toolkit.

      I installed AIF Toolkit in Windows XP.
      But I can't run AIF and there was no Error Message thrown.
      My System profile is :
      OS : Windows XP Home SP2.
      CPU : Intell 4, 3G
      GPU : Intell 82915G/GV/910GL
      Memoey : 1G
      Free Hard Disk : 8G

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          Adobe Employee

          Thanks for your post and especially the system profile. The graphics card installed is not compatible with this release of the AIF Toolkit. In a future release, hopefully before the end of the year, the Toolkit will support execution on the CPU when the GPU does not meet our system requirements.

          We should throw an error in this case and we do have a bug logged to capture and resolve that behavior.

          Again, thanks for the post and please check back for the next release of the AIF Toolkit.

          samantha bailey

          The MacBook doesn't have a compatible graphics card (the MacBookPros do). Unfortunately, this version of the toolkit will not work on your laptop.

          Still, we shouldn't be crashing. Did you get a warning dialog first? I'll file a bug.