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    CS6 acting like a trial

    rhovley Level 1

      I am having issues with my CS6 key coming up as a trial version.  I can open and close my adobe programs a limited number of times before I have to reregister the key, which puts me into another trial.  I lose preferences and it is just a dang inconvenience. Has anyone heard of a fix for this?

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          ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried reinstalling your programs? 

          Are you sure they're completely up-to-date? (Help menu > Updates

          Have you contacted Adobe customer support directly to see if your license key has any issues?


          Those are just a few things you could look at.

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            Marlene Barnes 111 Level 1

            I am having the same problem, but I described it differently in a post I did this morning, so here is what I said:


            I purchased an upgrade from Photoshop CS 4 to Photoshop CS 6 directly from Adobe in December of 2012. (My version of CS4 was originally purchased by me as part of a CS4 Web Premium Suite.)


            My CS4 version has worked since 2009 with no licensing issues.


            I did not install the upgradeto CS6  immediately, I just installed it in August of this year, but I do not think that the problem stems from my delay in installation.


            What happens is that every 6-8 times that I open the program, I get a screen asking me to "License Creative Cloud", which I do NOT want.


            The only options I am given are: Join Now, License This Product, or Continue Trial.


            If I simply X out of the screen, Photoshop CS6 will not open at all.


            If I click: License This Product, I get a sign-in screen that asks for my serial number, which I fill in and then my program opens.


            I have tried customer support 3 times - one chat and 2 phone calls (all lasting at least 1 hour each time) and I am not getting the correct help to solve this issue.


            I am extremely frustrated and outraged that I am bothered by this stupid issue.


            Please help me to stop this screen about Creative Cloud from appearing and from having to constantly input my serial number.

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              rhovley Level 1

              Yes! That is exactly what is happening with me. Thank you for reposting here.  I've called as well and wasted so much time.  Not sure what is more inconvenient, having to reset my preferences and re-enter information or trying to get help to fix it. : s

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                Marlene Barnes 111 Level 1

                Believe it or not, I just got a phone call from Adobe!


                I got onto their website yesterday and "reported a bug". I also wrote a long complaint when I received an email with my case number. If you can long in and find your case number, I suggest that you also write a complaint or see if you can re-open the case if they have closed it. Also, report the issue as a bug.


                Anyway, the woman who called me (obviously from India, but quite good) said that this is a "known issue"! Can you believe it? I can't even express how angry this makes me!!


                So she had me uninstall Photoshop CS6, but then we had to go to a number of different areas to delete other files. It was quite complicated, so I don't recommend that you do this yourself unless they offer the step-by-step process that you can first print out.


                She explained that the reason we had to take all of these steps was that some program files (not photo files) were corrupted. After we spent about 10 minutes or so deleting everything as she directed, she then had me download and run a "Creative Cloud cleaner" from Adobe's website and run that.


                Next, we reinstalled CS6.To my horror, the program opened in EXACTLY the same way!!! But, then we put the serial number in, opened the program, and went to the updater to downloaded the latest version which is 13.0.(whatever), which took another 1/2 hour.


                Then, the program opened normally. She is sending me an email in case the issue pops up again.


                What you should do, in my opinion, is to not try to fix this yourself. Do the 2 things I suggested (above) and hopefully someone will walk you through this same process. Be prepared, however, to spend about 1 1/2  - 2 hours on this!


                I am so thankful that it seems to have worked, but angry that a KNOWN issue is only known to a few support people and not universally known.  I hope this helps. It took several days for this woman to call me, so give it a while. Good luck.


                Adobe - SHAME on YOU for allowing you customers to struggle with this for so long!!

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                  ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Sorry for your troubles...  Did you ever do the Help > Updates that I suggested above?


                  The reason is because a quick google search shows that your problem was actually fixed by a Photoshop update in January, but your software has to be fully up-to-date to reflect that...  This was posted at the time:



                  Jan 16, 2013 1:41 AM

                  Today we released Photoshop update version 13.0.4 (for Mac perpetual customers) and version 13.1.2 (for Creative Cloud members, Mac and Windows), resolving this licensing issue:


                  How to get the Update

                  1. In Photoshop, choose Help > Updates.
                  2. The Adobe Application Manager will launch. Select Adobe Photoshop CS6 and choose Update.

                  http://blogs.adobe.com/crawlspace/2013/01/photoshop-13-0-413-1-2-updat es-now-available.html

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                    rhovley Level 1

                    Thanks for the response.  Yes, I have actually upgraded to the CC since then and now the CC is doing it as well. 

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                      rhovley Level 1

                      Yes, I have seen that in my searches and followed the steps without success.  The live agent at the end told me to call IT. And then pointed me to nowhere to get a number that doesn't exist on the pages referenced and refused to give it to me over chat.  Took me another hour to find the phone number.

                      I will be calling in to get the steps Marlene referred to.

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                        Marlene Barnes 111 Level 1

                        I think the reason why any steps taken are not successful may be that the various files that the phone agent had me delete are a big part of the issue. She told me that these files had become corrupted and that this is why we had to be so thorough in finding and deleting them.


                        After uninstalling the program, she even had me delete the update to CS6 that I had downloaded just the day before. (We did re-install the update at the very end of the process.)


                        I think that if Adobe were to print a list of locations to check and the files to delete, many of us would be able to complete the steps on our own, however, there was one file that was not in the location that the agent expected and she had me do several other things to find and delete it.


                        I do think that the fix worked for me - at least it is working right now. Fingers crossed.

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                          I'm having the same issue right now...it just started today.

                          Acrobat keeps acting like it's a trial.

                          This is ridiculous...hopefully there's a fix around now?

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                            This screen opens and you cannot open Photoshop, yet you say to go into Help when you are in Photoshop and choose update? Now how dumb is that? Sorry but I'm too frustrated with your program that won't let me use it and I paid for it!!!