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    Nested Sequence. Not Matching Cursor Location.

    ReubenFink Level 1

      Behavior that I'm used to in both AE and FCP: When I double click the nested sequence my cursor lands in the exact same location on the timeline matching the original cursor location. So if I'm viewing clip 1234.mov on the main timeline I would expect that after double clicking and opening the nested sequence I would still be looking at clip 1234.mov. Premiere is not handling it the same way.


      The way Premiere Pro CC Behaves: I double click the nested sequence to open it but it doesn't match my cursor location. Instead it lands me in the location I was last positioned when inside the nested sequence. This is very frustrating when trying to make client changes based on the timecode of the master sequence. Once I open the nested sequence I have to hunt for the clip that needs editing.


      Is there a way to fix this behavior, maybe some setting that needs turning on, or do I need to make a feature request?