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    Document Window Keeps Resizing

    Paul 9



      When I open up a file in InDesign CC it makes the document window the size of my entire screen. When I re-size the window and save the window size does not "stick" when I re-open it. I open the file and it goes back to taking up the whole screen again.


      When I re-size a window in Illustrator CC, save, then open it again, Illustrator remembers the size I had the document window when I saved and opens it that way.


      Am I missing something in preferences or somewhere so I can make the document window size save? Or is this just the way it is?


      I have a very big monitor so I have my pannels all to the right of the screen and I size the document window so that it goes over and stops at the pannels so I can use the up/down scroll bar. When InDesign keeps opening every document the full size of the screen I have to re-size it every time (It gets old doing it 15 plus times a day). I want to make the document window act like it does in Illustrator.


      Thanks in advance for any help on this,



      Mac OSX Mountain Lion

      Adobe CC