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    How to retain style formatting of tables you are pasting INTO when copying from old tables?

    Christine Holzmann Level 1

      Hi all,


      I know that CMD-Shift-V works perfectly to retain styles of text you are pasting INTO when you are copying from another block of text that has different styles, but how do I do the same with a TABLE?


      I have tables from one InDesign document with one set of table styles/cell styles, etc. and am copying into another InDesign document where I have tables that have different table styles/cell styles, etc. The only way I am able to successfully get the information over from one table to the other is to copy the information from the old table with the old styles, then paste it into an excel spreadsheet, then copy out of the excel spreadsheet and  paste into the new tables in the new InDesign document.


      Now, this would NOT be so bad if I didn't have SO MANY hundreds and hundreds of tables that I was working with! I am currently working on a big catalog and this workflow is slowing me down tremendously:(


      Please note that I have removed all styles (by deleting all associated styles) from the tables I am pasting FROM, but chosen to retain formatting.


      Once again, I bet I will kick myself when I see how easy the answer is!


      Any and all help will be so much appreciated!


      Thank you kindly,