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    How to keep form field and label together?


      In InDesign Creative Cloud (ID CC), I need to create a 20 page form (a type of questionnaire). As a prelude to doing this, I created a one page form. I am trying to keep labels (text) and fields together, so that if I add a question in the middle of the form, everything else moves down and stays in the correct alignment and relationship. Here is what I tried.


      Option 1: Anchored Fields. I created fields on a "fields" layer and labels on a "text" layer. The text layer generally had tables to help me see where fields should be placed. However, to keep fields and text in the same relationship on the page, I anchored the field to the text. Hoewever, this has the effect of moving the field object into the same layer as the text. When I tried to use the Articles panel to put the fields in correct tab order, I discovered that only fields (unanchored) that were in the forms layer could be dragged into the Articles panel; anchored fields (now in the text layer) could not be dragged into the Articles panel. Why?


      I know that I could also use the Object / Interactive / Set Tabs Order command, but I wanted to use Articles to see how that works.


      In this approach, I also could not figure out how to put underline the text form field


      Option 2: Tabs and Character Styles. I used character styles for underlining by not using tables, but using paragraphs and tabs to align where the fields should be. I applied a character style to a right-justified tab to get the underline. However, using this option, whenever I add a new question (field + label or instruction) in the middle of the form, everything else down on the page goes out of alignment.


      What recommendations do other form designers have? I have been trying to think of how IRS has "dense" or "complex" forms, and how these might be designed in InDesign CC. in order to apply similar techniques to my form design.


      I am running on a Mac, OS X 10.8.4, InDesign CC.