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    Exporting and Formating settings.

    The Generic

      Hi, my name is Dakota and i'm noob when it comes to Premiere Pro.


      I have been using Bandicam to record several gameplay videos for a community channel on both FB and Youtube. I send the videos into PP and edit what I need to, blah blah blah. When i'm finished I get stumped because no matter what format I choose, the video always comes out blurry. The original video however, before going into PP, is crystal clear but once exported it looks like a child's drawing. Help me please.



      This is from Mediainfo:




      AVI (OpenDML): 5.28GiB, 36mn 24s

      Overall bit rate: 20.8 Mbps

      1 Video stream: JPEG

      Writing application: BandiAviMuxer 1.0

      1 Audio stream: PCM




      First Video Stream:

      19.2 Mbps, 1360*768 (19:9), at 30.000 fps, JPEG


      First Audio Stream:

      1536 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 16 bits, 2 channels, PCM (Little / Signed)