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    Problems with animation playback consistency and transparencies in DPS

    Darin Fabrick Level 1



      I'm somewhat new to Edge Animate and I'm trying to incorporate simple animation into a DPS piece that my company has been publishing for the past year. A few questions:


      1) Is there a "trick" to getting transparencies to work? I've had zero luck so far and I'm beginning to resign myself to just putting the entire design into the Edge composition as a work around. There must be an easier way? I'm hoping I'm missing something simple and obvious. From my research, I've gleaned that the poster image feature is a major player in all the headaches. Speaking of which, do you have to start over and rebuild a comp everytime you need to publish without a poster?


      2) I've noticed that playback is really inconsistant. Most of the time, when I first swipe on a page, the animation won't play at all. Subsequent swipes, and it begins playing fairly consistency. Any ideas as to what this is about?


      3) Finally, is there any guidelines for SVG settings used in Edge? I found that many of the vector files I was using in comps were messing w/playback, so I ended up subbing them out for pngs.