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    Search entire web site

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      I have a cilent who would like to give users the ability to search his entire web site - all the records stored in all the tables in his database. I've created tons of searches in the past using multiple, joined tables, but is there a better way to do this? I have never used CF Search, and I'm not even sure how to start. Any suggestions?
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          Are you hosting or is it inhouse? You can create a collection of the site
          and search against that.

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            ssailer Level 1
            It will be hosted on a shared server, but they do allow verity search with all of their ColdFusion hosting packages. I understand how this works and picks up text entered in the search form if it's part of a file name or content within the file (like in a .PDF or .DOC file), but what about records stored in a database? Will this type of search also search through fields in databse tables, not just documents with file extensions that you specify? I'm kind of new to this type of search...
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              Yes you also can search from the database query by registering as collection object with verity. There are two ways one with file document and another with query object to make collection object.

              First create a collection object using coldfustion administrator page under verity secton. Then then using <cfindex> passing this query object and passing action parameter as update.

              After done this action, using cfsearch tag you can search for the keywords of the database content. Since the database records keep changing you can update on day to day basis.

              This is some outline. Keep reading with coldfustion documentation under verity subject.