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    CS6 and gtx 680 or 780?

    naumen Level 1



      i am planing to upgrade my pc (i7 950 , win 7 64 ultimate, 24gb ram )  and i have CS6 production premium with latestest updates. Right now i have evga gtx 580 3GB classified.... i bought last year as i oonly had pci e 2, so decided there were no point to pay more for gtx 680 ..... but Now i will upgrade everything Cpu, mother board and so on..... so will get pci e 3.0


      Anyway i d like to find out is it worth for me as CS6 owner to upgrade my GPU as well? does CS6 with latest updates supports newer GPUs like gtx 680 or 690 or 780 or that gtx Titan?

      BTW what is that GeForce GTX TITAN? is it much different from 780? it was easier to understand when there was just numbers in the name .....but now Titan - what is it? the price difference is like double....


      i just use Premier for now and still learning , so mostly my consirns are if newer card will work with cs 6 and if i will get some gain? also is it important to get more GB in GPU memory?