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    cfgrid is blank

    revdave Level 1

      ! THIS SEEMS TO BE WORKING NOW - PLEASE disregard.... i think it was slow to start a java applet - but now ok....




      Hi all,


      I am using CF 10 and looking at some old code from several years back. I was using some cfgrid tags to display data - this used to work ok - but now it simply shows a blank page - with no errors....



      Q: has something changed in the last few years that might need updating to make this show?






      <cfgrid name="list" height="400" width="950" align="middle" query="session.findstuff" appendkey="yes" griddataalign="left" gridlines="yes" rowheaderalign="left" colheaderalign="left" selectmode="edit" maxrows="20" enabled="yes" visible="yes" format="applet" autowidth="true">


      <cfgridcolumn name="id" headeralign="LEFT" dataalign="LEFT" bold="No" italic="No" select="No" display="Yes" headerbold="No" headeritalic="No" type="NUMERIC">

      <cfgridcolumn name="num" headeralign="LEFT" dataalign="LEFT" bold="yes" italic="No" select="yes" display="Yes" headerbold="Yes" headeritalic="No" type="NUMERIC">

      <cfgridcolumn name="prname" headeralign="LEFT" dataalign="LEFT" bold="No" italic="No" select="yes" display="Yes" headerbold="No" headeritalic="No">