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    Carrying over interactive elements to alternate layouts


      Not sure if I'm missing something simple or not, but I wonder if interactive elements (specifically buttons) should be carried over into alternate layouts. Using CS6, I'm currently experiencing 2 issues.


      1. When I create an alternate layout that has buttons to specific pages within the same article, the alternate layout keeps the link to the specifc page in the original layout - it doesn't assume that I would like the buttons in the alternate layout to nav to the corresponding page in the alternate layout.


      2. I'm currently building some buttons on a separate 'interactive' layer that sits above the 'content' layer. If I create an alternate layout, the button info is carried across from the original layout, but if I alter the nav to info in the orginal layout, this doesnt transfer to the (already created) alternative layout. Is there a way to link the buttons in different layouts as you can now do with text boxes (and images, of course)?