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    Broken link? Can't access InDesign faqs


      Hello all,


      When I try to access the InDesign faqs, I get a page with this message:

      "It appears you're not allowed to view what you requested. You might contact your administrator if you think this is a mistake."


      The page on which I click the link is: http://forums.adobe.com/community/indesign?view=overview

      At the top of this page it says:  Adobe Community > InDesign

      The link I click is: Click here for the complete InDesign FAQ list.

      When clicking, I'm logged in to my Adobe Forums account.


      I wouldn't usually post a message like this, but I'm having huge troubles with InDesign CC. Crashes on every quit and also runs very slowly. I want to avoid a complete hard drive wipe and OS and app install if I can and other forum posts say the faqs could well help.