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    Session Tracking

    Caps1984 Level 1
      Hi there,

      I'm writing a pretty small Flex 2 app and I would like to track how long a user spends in the app and write it to a database (using RemoteObject to a ColdFusion Component) at the end of the session. Short of getting the user to click 'Log Out' to activate the event, does anyone have any ideas on how I could do this? I am not using Flex Data Services, so I'll need to do it without it...

      Thanks in advance,

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          peterent Level 2
          It is very difficult to detect when the 'session' ends if you do not have server-side connections that will tell you when the browser session disconnects. On the client side, the user can just navigate to a new URL on a whim.

          You would have to put in some JavaScript on the page hosting the Flash Player for your Flex 2 application that detected such an activity. It might (if the browser allows it to) be able to invoke a function in the Flex application to finish things up and save your information. You can look up ExternalInterface to learn how to communicate between Flex and JavaScript.

          I'm not a CF person, but perhaps there is a way on the CF side to do this. Your Flex app could immediate invoke a "I'm starting" CFC which holds onto some sesson info. Then perhaps when the connection is broken, CF can detect it and write out the data. You'd have to as a CF person about that.

          An alternative would be to invoke your CFC repeatedly, say every 10 seconds. Then if the user exits, you'll at least have an idea of how long they were in the Flex app to the nearest 10 seconds.

          You can use a Timer class object to do this.