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    Find out cmyk values used in active artboard

    surendarappu Level 1



      Any one help me to find the cmyk values used in active artboar

      i have a script with shows only for selected object but i want to findout for all the object present in artboard

      here is my script for selected object


      var doc= app.activeDocument;
      var L=docRef.pageItems.length;

      for (i=0;i<L;i++)
                if (myItem.fillColor=="[CMYKColor]" && myItem.selected)
                     var c=myItem.fillColor.cyan;

                     var m=myItem.fillColor.magenta;
                     var y=myItem.fillColor.yellow;
                     var k=myItem.fillColor.black;
                     alert ("pathItem number:"+i+" \n cyan: "+c+" \n magenta: "+m+" \n yellow: "+y+" \n black: "+k);


      anyone please help me to modify this script to find out all the objects cmyk values without alert window

      it would be helpful if cmyk values written outside the artboard eg c=10 m=20 y=50 k=0 like this for all the objects


      Thank you