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    Flash Setup


      Flash needs frequent updates.

      I am tired of asnwering these two question each time:

      (a) I do not want ot install Chrome toolbar or any other additional product along with Flash !!

      (b) I do not want Adobe to upgrade automatically.  Just notify me.


      I wish Adobe would store locally on my machine these answers each time i update.  Then, upon next instance, retrieve my last answers from that "cookie" and use them again, at least as defaults, so i can install without having to re-answer them every time.


      Hope this helps.

      Marcelo Finkielsztein

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          pwillener Level 8

          Not so frequent, actually.


          Nevertheless, I have never been asked if I want to install Chrome or the Google toolbar; probably because I prefer to use the offline installers.


          I have also only once (around when Flash Player 10 was introduced) been asked if I want Flash Player to update automatically.  This information has been stored in the mms.cfg file, and I have never been asked again.