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    Why does my video freeze during narration?

    Psinatra Level 1

      I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 11 on an HP TM2 laptop. It has 8 GB of RAM, a 500GB hard disk (only 98.2GB used). I am using Windows 7 Home Premium.


      The issue is that when I start narrating, the video follows along for a few seconds, then the image freezes. I am allowed to keep talking, but without an updated video, I can't really follow along and sync my discusion with the video. I have tried stopping and starting, but then that has to freeze for 10-20 seconds while the timeline updates itself.


      The video was loaded into Adobe Elements Organizer as a *.wmv file, and was the one thing that was done quickly. It is a 9-minute video. The only assets I have is that video clip, and an title screen, made inside Premiere Elements.


      I also need to add that I have recently added Adobe Connect, and I wonder if that would interfere with my attempts at adding narration to my video.


      Paul King

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Although you have not mentioned it, have you run into the 1/2 wmv display isssue related to a recent Windows Update kb file? Please take care of that before all else if you are using wmv source media on your Expert view Timeline. Here is a copy of the Announcement at the top of this forum.


          Announcement: Windows Update Causes Half of Display to Be Blacked Out


          MicroSoft has issued an Update for Windows, that is causing problems with Displays. The following is from Talbot McInnis, who tracked down this problem, and offers a fix:


          "MS bulliten MS13-057.  Specifically, on XP kb2834904 and on windows 7 kb2803821 is causing a problem


          For us, it occurs when decoding WMV9 files.  Not all uses of WMV decoding are affected, but I confirmed that when connecting the WMV decode DLL to a sample grabber for RGB32 video, the frames arrive black on top, so that points directly to decoding internals of the WMV Decode dll.


          You can uninstall these windows updates to resolve your problem."


          There are several threads on the problem that this Update is causing on the PrE and PrPro Forums, so one can get more details. So far, there is not another fix from either MS, or Adobe.


          Also, see this Adobe KB Article: http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/kb/wmv-files-corrupted-import-or.h tml

          by Bill Hunt (Aug 2, 2013)



          Please clarify your issue.


          Given you have this 9 minute .wmv file on Video track 1 and you start your narration and then the playback on the monitor freezes, but you are allowed to continue producing your narration.


          Let us say you continue the narration for about  3 minutes. When you click stop for the narration at 3 minutes, do you then have a 3 minute narration file that you can playback and hear exactly what you recorded?


          Is this "it worked before but not now" or "it never worked before".


          Please review the above and then we will decide troubleshooting strategy.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Along with the answers to ATR's questions, what is the speed of your CPU? WMV uses a fairly complicated CODEC, and processing that material is fairly CPU intensive.


            Good luck,



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              Paul King


              Hunt's question reminds me...is your Windows 7 Home Premium 32 or 64 bit? With the 8 GB installed RAM, I would say 64 bit, but I thought it best to confirm.