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    Scrolling slow in a panel with 300 images

    Kobydo2 Level 1


      I am using a panel which contains about 300 images (small icons).

      I covered this panel with a scroller, and when scrolling, it's very slow.

      when there are less images (about 50), it scrolls smoothly.

      Any suggestions ?


        <s:Panel id="src"




                                     bottom="{bottomBar.height}" width="100%" >


                          <s:Scroller width="100%" height="100%" id="srcScroller" >


                                    <s:Group width="100%" height="100%" id="aaa" verticalCenter="0">


                          ADDING 300 IMAGES HERE AT RUNTIME....


                                                        <s:TileLayout verticalGap="-50" horizontalGap="11" />