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    Sign Out not De-authorize

    Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

      Just a heads up and a discussion in case people are wondering.  I had to "de-authorize" a InDesign on a computer I'm selling from my Creative Cloud account.  I went to InDesign's Help menu but didn't find "Authorize" or "De-authorize" listed. Instead there was a listing SIGN OUT [my email].  I chose that and got the message that the programs on that computer would no longer work.  Couple of things I gathered from this. 


      #1 There is no Authorize command. I'm always signed in to Creative Cloud and that's what helps the CC find me to check if I've paid my bill and continue to use the software. 


      #2 The software did not get sucked off my machine. I could have kept the software on my machine and then, in a few months, if I needed it, sign in again. That would cause the machine to now be authorized.  But I wonder, if, when I teach, could I


      • sign out at home


      • go to a corporation


      • open their machine


      • download InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator from CC


      • sign in

      • use them on that machine for a while


      • when I'm leaving sign out


      • go home


      • use my software at home.