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    images not visable in local photos folders

    david k Level 2

      I just opened PS touch on my nexus 7 tablet for the first time in a few weeks. I touched on the icon at the bottom of the screen, the one of a picture with a plus sign next to it to open up the jpg images I already saved.


      The list of local folders comes up, and usually I tap on a folder to see thumbs of the images. This time however, most of the thumbs are grey squares with the file names below them.


      I checked in different folders and this seems to be happening in many of them to different extents: some have all or almost all the images grayed out; Some have many images showing.


      What is going on here? How can I get it so I can again see the thumbs of all my images, instead of only a few of them?


      Thanks, David.

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          joerg eberhardt Employee Moderator

          You probably deleted those images. Please (double-) tap onto the label "Local Photos" just above those folder to refresh the view.


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            david k Level 2

            The image files are there, just that most of the thumbnails are missing. I tried the double-tap refresh you described above, but it did not work. In the mean time this is the workaround (a bit time-consuming) I'm using:


            I copy a folder with jpg files to another place on my tablet, rename it (for example, David-photos becomes David-photos-01), then copy that folder back to the Pictures folder. Once I have confirmed that I can view the images in PS, I delete the 'original' file folder and images, so I don't have two copies of them on my device. 


            I'm not sure what caused this problem in the first place -- whether something happened with PS Touch or Android, or both?



            Best, David