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    installing Indesign CS2 on WIN7 64-Bit



      i tried to install InDesign CS2 Upgrade from the original CD-Rom on a new PC with WIN7 64-bit.

      To activate the installation I used the serial number from the version 1.0 IGP100R7012137-635 from the original register card from InDesign 1.0.

      This combination was used since any years on my old XP-PC and now I want to use it on the new system.


      What happened: InDesign CS2 said during the installation process: this serial no. IGP100R7012137-635 is not an InDesing serial no.


      I contacted Adobe via chat and they said, I need an InDesign CS2 version without need for activation, because Adobe killed the server for this function because of technical reasons.


      My question: from where can I get these InDesign CS2 version without need for activation?

      The serial number from my CS2 InDesign is: Deleted by moderator.


      Who can help or knows an easier solution?


      Thank you in advance for help!