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    Html/ open myself in Pop Up?

    luciewong Level 1
      Could I add one more thing to make it simpler?
      After the Pop up has succeeded the launching Browser should close!

      Any help would be appreciated.


      The situation:
      A Developer, using Dreamwaever for ex. will link from a button to >myIndex.html< window=_blank.
      The myIndex.html loads myIndex.swf on init.

      How can I tell >myIndex.html< that it should open ITSELF in a Pop-up in full size??

      There is no way that I can provide the Developer with the Pop-Up code. He only has the possibility to choose between several Html files in his developer environment.

      I tried to put on >myIndex.swf< Frame 1 an onEnterFrame code which calls:
      this._parent.getUrl(………), but this does not work.

      If I say _root.getURL or this.getURL, it will open the Pop Up on Top of the myIndex.html.
      So I have an empty browser window between the Dreamwaever page and my Pop up window.
      I want myIndex.html already to popup.

      Can this be done?
      Thank you for your help.

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          luciewong Level 1
          now I managed to open the PopUp while the launching window is trying to close - perfect - almost !
          It just displays now an alert window asking:

          "The webpage you are viewing is trying to close......." !
          How can I avoid this alert???
          Then all would be fine.

          Tank you

          below is the code at the launching window:

          getURL ("javascript:var myWin; if(!myWin || myWin.closed){myWin = window.open('" + address + "','" + winName + "','" + "width=" + w + ",height=" + h + ",fullscreen=" + fullscreen + ",toolbar=" + toolbar + ",location=" + location + ",directories=" + directories + ",status=" + status + ",menubar=" + menubar + ",top='+((screen.height/2)-(" + h/2 + "))+',left='+((screen.width/2)-(" + w/2 + "))+'" + "')}else{myWin.focus();};self.close();");