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    Creative Cloud Individual licenses for a business?

    nakulvit Level 1



      I run a small production house with a team of 4 people. I need 4 licenses of creative cloud. Now Creative cloud for teams is more expensive and has more features than I not need ( Like license deployment, 100GB cloud storage etc).


      I just though i'd ask if I could buy 4 Individual licenses and use it for the people on my team. I see no reason why I can't.



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          John-PCS Level 1

          Yes, you just can buy separate licenses for each person.


          Keep in mind that you're locked in for a year. If an employee leaves and is replaced, their license will remain tied to their email address. On the fly reassignment is a nice feature in Teams. You may want to consider creating unique email addresses for the licenses that aren't tied to a specific person... not very elegant, I know. Someone else may have a better idea.

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            v1ncentg Level 1

            I've just had a live chat with adobe, from our conversation, I'm convinced that it is legal to use an individual license for business use. Attached screenshot of the live chat and the two screenshots I sent over during livechat to make sure we are on the same page when we're referring to "individual license" and "business license"

            adobe CC livechat.jpg

            adobe CC individual license.jpg

            adobe CC business license.jpg

            kindly ignore the part I mentioned about Denave Pte Ltd. That's a topic for a different post.

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              001Designer Level 1

              Does this apply to Malaysia too?

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                Alfred Pennyworth Level 4

                There is no problem using it for business, apart from the year tie in. There have been threads before about CS saying you couldn't but many people run a business with the individual CC plan with no problems, you will be fine!

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                  gueshindu Level 1

                  In my office, we already buy CC Team license for 1 user.

                  On this August our license expired. Can I transfer license form Team to Individual without re-install application?

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                    musica888 Level 1

                    Does this apply in India too?


                    I have two individual licenses on different ids.


                    I have got calls from Denave India Pvt Ltd, that this individual licenses are meant  for Students and not for business purpose.

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                      noobfest Level 1

                      But why, for business is 10 bucks cheaper per month at this time than it is for individuals... for all apps, no other features included.

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                        B-ecky Level 1

                        Conversation I had today.


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                          Sean_tiburon Level 1

                          I just received a phone call from someone who said they worked at Adobe. I think he scammed us. Here's what happened...


                          We are a small office with 4 people using Creative Cloud. We each have individual licenses because it's more affordable and we don't need all the extra features. The person on the phone told me that we were being switched to "Creative Cloud For Business." I said, "OK. What's that?" He told me about all these new features and told me that we were going to be switched over because there were multiple people on the same team using individual accounts. I asked him if this was something we HAD to do or something that we CAN do. He told me that it had ALREADY been done and he was just calling me to let me know that the change was coming. I asked him what the price difference was and he told me about the higher rate (from 49.99 per user to 69.99 per user.) I told him that we don't want to change anything and to leave it is the way it is until I can talk with the owner and see what he wants to do, but again he informed me that the change had already taken place and we could not go back. Then he mumbled ok.. goodbye.. and hung up. Now our account is changed and we're on a business plan. Less than 10 minutes after he hung up and our account is all messed up and we're going to be charged for things we don't want. BEWARE OF THESE FAKE SALES CALLS! Now I have to contact customer service to get everything back to the way it was. When we liked Adobe.

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                            Jakras Level 1

                            I read the entire thread and searched in forum and if I get it right:

                            I can buy CC Individual license, then use it in my work where I am employed even thou I am using "employers PC" as mine workstation (It was provided to me to work on it and I am the only user, yet it stays in office when I leave after work, I don't bring it home).


                            PLUS I can install one copy of Adobe CC on the computer I have at home and do some other work on it there.


                            The license is bind to person using it, not where he uses it, right?

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                              JPNova Level 1

                              I got an email this morning, after our CEO fought this off a couple months ago.  We have 3 accounts as a small business.  Today I got this email, which boarders on misleading, and I wish Adobe would put a stop to.

                              Hi Jason,

                              Trust you are doing fine.

                              I’m with Adobe’s Account Management Team and wanted to know a specific time to call you, so we could talk about the Creative licenses that are been deployed with Mediabarn inc..

                              I’m aware that your management and you have made a move to the new licensing structure, Creative Cloud and we appreciate it. However, I wanted to draw your attention to the Creative Cloud Licensing structure for 3+ users, as what you made a move to, are Creative Cloud Individual licenses ,which unfortunately were not meant for Business purposes, they were designed for Freelancers and Ad-hoc users.

                              I would appreciate if you can contact me or direct me the right person who takes care of this.

                              Look forward to hear from you.

                              Thanks & Regards


                              Rameshwar S



                              Territory Account Manager



                              Adobe Global Business Direct
                              Adobe Systems Incorporated




                              Especially worried about the other poster who was told that his account was moved without his express permission, very "Wells Fargo"

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                                David__B Adobe Employee

                                There is no kind of legal requirement for a business to purchase a business plan versus multiple individual plans, so long as they adhere to license use requirements. Business plans include features which hopefully justify the higher price point, and are typically "a better fit" for most business customers.


                                The sales agent in post 8 above for B-ecky was wrong. Based on the case history it looks like they downgraded from team to individual because an individual membership suited their needs better. Sean_tiburon's post about their account being upgraded to a team without permissions is not acceptable and looks like it was remedied after his post here. They too were downgraded to an individual membership.


                                There are features built into the software which can detect if the software usage may be violating the licensing terms. The terms stipulate one user on two computers per individual license. In some cases Adobe has reached out to customers directly when it was unclear how they were using the software and whether they were in compliance with the licensing terms.


                                Hope that helps,

                                - Dave