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    Can't get the current bitrate info use SMPTE-TT Plugin


      Using OSMF2.0 to stream a smil title.

      Add the MediaPlayerCapabilityChangeEvent.IS_DYNAMIC_STREAM_CHANGE event listener, after the event dispatch then add the DynamicStreamEvent.SWITCHING_CHANGE event listener.

      The bitrate info can be report, normal. But after I add the SMPTE-TT plugin and load it like this:

      var pluginResource:MediaResourceBase = new PluginInfoResource(new SMPTETTPluginInfo);mediaFactory.loadPlugin(pluginResource);

      The title can be stream correct and the quality of the video can be set by the bandwidth, but only the DynamicStreamEvent.SWITCHING_CHANGE event can not be dispatch, so I can't get the current bitrate info.

      I debug it in the OSMF source code and find the issue in the org.osmf.elements.compositeClasses.ParallelDynamicStreamTrait class line 323




      onSwitchingChange function that the numChildrenSwitching property always 0, so it can not call the setSwitching function and can not dispatch DynamicStreamEvent.SWITCHING_CHANGE event.

      So, I add some changes from line 333 to line 336 and it has be fix:




      Environment:Flex SDK 4.6 + flash player 11.8.


      I don't know it is a bug in the OSMF framework and I want to get more info about it.