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    Why does RH 8 WebHelp generate the entire help file project?

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      Hello all,


      RoboHelp HTML 8: version

      Single Source Layouts: WebHelp

      OS: Win 7 Enterprise


      Why does RH 8 WebHelp generate my entire help file project rather what I specified in WebHelp General (property settings). I have a specified a TOC and Index, I do not want the 'other' content.


      Note: No Merged Projects was performed.


      Please follow below to get a better/visual perspective.


      In reference to figure 1 below, Is there a way to set RoboHelp 8 properties to ONLY generate a sub-folder (outlined in red) instead of the complete master project folder (outlined in green)?


      Figure 1.


      After file generation output reference figure 2 below, noticed the ‘SRC” folder (outlined in green) is generated as well.


      Figure 2



      If I drill-down (double-click) on the folder (see figure 3) you will notice there are 3 sub-folders (outlined in green)...


      Figure 3


      and drill-down again (see figure 4) notice the eight sub/sub-folders (outlined in purple).


      Figure 4



      I only want the help contents (see figure 5) located in my “eInvoice” folder that contains three htm files and the ‘eImages’ sub-folder that are outlined in dark blue.


      Figure 5



      THANK YOU!