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    Experiencing a bad CC crash, on both machines. Google search revealed nothing.

    JQizzle Level 1

      Ok, I'm officially starting to get freaked out now, because this is happening on both of my machines that has CC installed. And upon doing a Google search that returned 0 results, I'm even more concerned. Not panic just yet, but definitely that churning feeling in the ol' stomach.


      Here's what'll happen, I'll work for a few minutes, go to touch a clip in the timeline, seemingly any clip, and it all comes tumbling down.


      Here is the error I get:

      [/sirreact64/releases/2013.03/PremierePro/Mezzanine/Make/Mac/../../Src/Utilities.cpp-780] And after that, Premiere must shut down. I've told it not to try to open it again, and I've told it to try to open it again. Regardless, I get the same results.


      I realize this instantly makes this a horrendously ugly and long post, but here, for the sake of full disclosure, here is the error report. Any ideas in how to trouble shoot.


      [Please don't post crash reports in the user forums.]