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    Preventing Premiere Project files from being modified


      I'm creating a batch of Premiere Pro CC Projects for trainees in my work environment to help them learn the application.  I'm trying to lock the project files so they always start out in the same state I left them.  I don't want the students to open the projects, work in them, then accidentally hit "SAVE" before closing out, thereby modifying them, preventing the next student who opens them from having the same clean slate the first one had. 


      I'm working in MAC OSX.  I've tried locking the file in "GET INFO", and I've tried changing Privileges from "read & write" to "read" only for all fields.  This works on the computer on which I created the projects, but the locks and privilege changes are gone when I copy the projects to students machines, email them or otherwise transport them off the original machine.  It's not practical to go to each students machine and manually relock and change privelages there.  These projects have to be distributed to many Macs in many locations. 


      Is there a way to accomplish what I'm describing?  Thanks.