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    Anyone knowledgeable about and/or using airplane help?

    Laura Sala
      Hi there,
      I posted a few questions the other day about "airplane help" (live help file, with offline help file available if no internet connection...same thing Adobe uses in RH). I figured out the "window names" that i asked about on my previous post...but...

      We'd like to get someone to consult with us as we attempt to implement airplane help. It would probably consist of a few conference calls with you, myself (I'm just a non-technical, technical writer), and our senior development engineer. We basically need to know, how did you implement airplane help? how did you deal with different versions of your help file? etc. Nothing terribly technical.

      If there are any RH community experts who could help, great. Or any RH user who's been through what we're about to do. Of course we'll pay you for your time.

      Thanks much,