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    My extension manager stopped working on CS6 Web Premium


      I searched the site and see many visitors have the same problem. How do I fix this. If I rename the folder which holds my extensions for Dreamweaver it will open but these are the extensions I need. How or where do I repair this?


      OK I narrowed it down to my Dreamweaver extensions. How do I completely remove them and reinstall all of them so I don't have any issues in the future. I use Dreamweaver every day, I haven't upgraded or installed any New extensions, I know Abobe did some updates and now this. And then I am expected to upgrade to the latest greatest product. I don't think so, a morning wasted trying to fix a mess I didn't create. And no I don't run any Flashbug or anything else.




      OK, after working with this for hours here is what I did and it corrected itself.


      I did the steps to create a log file as outlined in a few of these post. In otherwords I dropped to a DOS prompt as an administrator, changed the directory to where My Extension Manager resides, which on my machine is in Program Files (x86) etc. Ran the commands to create the log file but instead of simply clicking on Extension Manager to lauch it, I right clicked on it and ran as administrator.  It took a good thirty seconds to lauch but when it did; it completely launced. I reinstalled all my extensions for Dreamweaver, problem solved.  Hope it helps anyone having the same problem.