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    New beta features (August) - feedback please

    Dave E Employee Moderator

      We've added a few more beta features for you to check out.  In this post, I'll explain what's changed and how you view/use the new features.  Please reply to this post to share your feedback.


      Features enabled for this group: (click this link to view the features: https://kuler.adobe.com/features/enable/newFeatures)


      We have created a special link to give you access to new features (new feature link)--without this link you won't be able to see the new features.  This link will allow you to use the site, same as before, but will also enable the new features that we're looking for feedback on.  So, here's an overview of what's new:


      (1) Re-order swatches: You can re-order the colors in your swatch simply by clicking and, while continuing to press down, drag the color to the desired location.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.

      (2)"Slider" editing controls: Previously we had one slider that controlled the brightness level of your color — we've added a slider control for each value in the color space you are editing.  For example, if you are working in the RGB color space, you will see a slider control for "R", "G", and "B".  For RGB, you will see a 4th control, set apart from the others, that allows you to control brightness.  Each control provides a visual spectrum which will allow you to visually edit your colors with more precision. 


      Note, we are still working out a few performance issues for these features on the Android default browser and Windows surface.  Ideally, you will have access to another browser to test these features on. 


      In addition to the beta features mentioned above, we've also rolled out several features which were previously in beta.  Those features include creating themes from an image, resizable color wheel, and less distracting borders.

      That's it for now.  We look forward to reading your feedback!

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          Michael Trout Level 1

          Looking better and better!


          I am testing in Google Chrome in Windows


          1) Reorder Swatches - this works as described. Click, drag and drop. It will be good to have this feature back. On the down side, sometimes changing the base color causes the swatches to reorder... and sometimes the button to set the base color does not respond at all while the swatches shuffle. It hasn't been consistent enough to track down a cause.


          2) Slider editing controls - good to see these back, too! These greatly speed coarse adjustments to colors, while using the cursor keys in the number fields allows for finer deatail control of the number. Seems to work as intended with my brief testing. A possible option would be to have a toggle to switch between the Full sliders and the brightness slider for those that preferred the other way or that simply wish to simplify/minimise the appearance (I like the full slider control, but at times could see the simpler view beneficial as an OPTION).


          Thanks for the opportunity to preview these features!





          Another thing that seems to work better now is the list of color spaces. It no longer jumps open on hovering over it. I like that it retains the view setting (open to full list or 'minimized' to HEX + 1) regardless of the pointer hovering over it.


          Feature request: On the sliders, perhaps you can add/enable a set of sliders for the hex values?. Perhaps add an option to minimize the color space list to only hex values?. This could be beneficial for those that work in hex color values only. And, since this is all hypotheical for now, perhaps a toggle to enable or disable a limit to web-safe colors when tweaking hex values via sliders?


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            I found this thread by Googling "I hate what they've done to Kuler,"  which I do.  These changes help a great deal but OMG it is still so Freaking HUGE, and it is so much harder to browse palettes.  That being said, the colors from an image function is actually easier to use than it was before - I love the little closeup window that shows what you are sampling.  So kudos, there.

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              Klekampcd Level 1

              I like the website for the most part, but I would like to be able to see more swatches on a page, perhaps a selector for more or less columns.


              As for the extension, I would like:


              1. View the public swatches and be able to sort them like the previous versions.
                1. Also be able to favorite, share, etc. from the extension.
                2. More sorting possiblities, weekly, daily, by location, etc.
              1. Sign in under another adobe id within window
              2. Follow a creator
              3. Create a group where you can share color schemes ( group sharing - great for team wanting to coordinate color scheme on projects )
              4. Create folders of colors to be used on a project by project basis


              Keep up the good work, this is a VERY powerful and helpful tool for designers! I'm glad to see you guys listening to feedback



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                The Kuler don't saves Swatches positions and randomly mix Swatches. So at Explore I see first color sentence, and at Theme view or at Editor I never see my initial order of Colors.


                I think it is not good, due to deleting or other editing consequences brings new clones of Theme, however, I think, it degrades user experience.



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                  llaferte Level 1

                  Re-visited Kuler today, I'd almost abondoned it.  MUCH Improved!  Thank you.  I like Klekampcd's suggestions.

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                    quickmaker Level 1

                    I am very sorry ... Who knows smth about userId:1792518 and his "The Oscar" pallete which fills all the kuler feed?

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                      The Mad Klingon

                      My company upgraded to CC last week. Today, I  spent 20 minutes in Illustrator trying to "connect" Kuler only to discover - to my absolute astonoshment that I was connected - the color selections and search were gone. GONE! When I discovered Kuler a few years back it was like the heavens opened, Angles sang and trumpets sounded. It was right up there with the wheel and air conditioning. Kuler quickly became an integral part of my daily workflow. It was a spectacular tool and now it's ruined.


                      I don't give a rat's *** about the Kuler site. I don't care if this is too big or you can't arrange that. All I care about is the palette. Please, return the search feature. I'm so mad, I can barely type this response.


                      What ever team or individual thought this was a good idea should be terminated for gross incompitence.