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    Sony XDCAM-EX mp4 not working in CS6

    thehekuli Level 1

      Well, story goes


      "Sony XDCAM-EX mp4" files worked before I formated & reinstalled everything (also changed from win 8 to win 7)

      It stoped working after it

      I tried uninstall & reinstall

      updates 6.0.1 & 6.0.3

      (stangely standart & update 6.0.1 said "the file has no audio or video streams." when trying to import. After 6.0.3 "unsupported or damaged file")

      installing some codecs

      but no, didn't start working

      installed CS5.5

      works on that



      so, I don't NEED it fixed, but it would make my life easier.


      So any idea, how to get it working again in CS6?

      (kinda annoying, when the possibilities are endless (win 7 change, toshiba's own drives with I didn't 100% fully reinstall, other drivers, settings somewhere...)


      XDCAM-EX stuff.jpg