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    New Build comments please

    Anthony Freeman 99

      Hi All,


      Please can you kindly assist and advise me on checking the specs and models of the new edit suite that I intend to have built. Being in South Africa we probably dont have have access to the same brands that you have in US and Europe. We will be editing in Premier Pro 5.5. We mostly edit weddings from AVCHD from Canon 60D + XF100 + XA10 cameras. Edits involve multicam work. We are budget concious.


      Components:                                                                                       Price in Rands (divide by 10 to get US $)

      Motherboard: ASROCK H77 PRO 4/MVP                                                           R1013

      Processor: Intel i7- 3770K c/i7, 3.5G  LGA 1155, 8M                                        R3356

      Graphics Card: PALIT GTX660  2048MB OC GDDR5 192 Bit                         R2391

      C Drive: WD 3.5" 1 TB Velociraptor   -                                                             R2620

      4 x MEM531 - Kingston value ram -   4096 DDR3 PC-1333 Ram (16G)          R1336

      HuntKey H301 BLK Gaming Case                                                                      R442

      Huntkey Max600w APFC Power Supply                                                             R500

      3 x 7200 RPM 64mb cache Baracuda SATA3 HDD280                                     R941 each

      2 of them are raided and one is a footage drive



      Thanks very much



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          JEShort01 Level 4



          Looks like a solid balanced build except:

          - suggest upgrade and save some Rands on the boot drive; go with a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro (make sure it is the Pro model too)

          - I'm not familar w/ Huntkey at all; in any case, 600 watts sounds a bit light on the p/s. If you have a sub-standard (too few watts or poor quality) p/s it will drive you nuts. Since Premiere has the ability to completely tax cpu, gpu, memory and drives all at the same time you will want a good one. I'm not sure what is avail. in SA, but here in the US Corsair AX series rocks.

          - If you can swing it, you may want to go with 32GB of RAM. Also get RAM that is "certified" by the vendor to work with your particular motherboard. Intermittent failures with memory is something else that can drive one bonkers.





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            Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

            Hi Jim,


            Thanks very much for the response. I have found in the past that 32g ram was overkill. I had a machine built a while back with 32 g ram and the ram monitor virtually never shows more than 12g being used at any one time.


            Have others had similar experiences?


            Is the Samsung drive that you recommend sdd?


            I have the same Huntley power supply in two other machines that I had built and they seem to be stable on cs5.5


            Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

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              JEShort01 Level 4

              yes, the Samsung 840 Pro is a SSD

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                Anthony Freeman 99 Level 1

                Hi  Jim  could you please help me out if you know.


                  Im building two new PCs for editing multi track avchd work as above. The guy who recommended the previous components above that you commented on has made a suggestion to upgrade the CPU, Motherboard and Ram .  


                Please which of the following components would give me a better editing editing experience (more powerful machine). The price difference on the components below is not really of concern to me. I just want the better performance and both options are within my budget.


                Regarding RAM im going for 32G as Jim recommended- which is better of the two below please? (I dont intend to overclock)


                KVR1333D3N9/8G – R 759.00 excl VAT (ETA is 24-48 Hours after ordering)

                Kingston Value Ram 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 Desktop Dual Rank DIMM


                KVR16N11/8 – R 759.00 excl VAT (ETA is 24-48 Hours after ordering)

                Kingston Value Ram 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL11 Dual Rank DIMM


                Regarding CPU which is better:


                Intel i7-4770 3.4 Ghz LGA1150 8M




                Intel i7 3770 3.5 Ghz LGA 1155, 8M (the company quoted me on this one initially and said that the 4770 would be newer technology and therefore better for editing)


                Regarding Mother Board which is better:


                ASROCK H87 performance mainboard



                ASROCK H77 PRO 4/MVP (The company quoted me on this board initially and said that the ASROCK H87 performance mainboard) would be better.


                Your response will be greatly appreciated.


                Many thanks

                Kind regards