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    CFB 2.0.1 and CF 10 Enterprise remote server

    Jay999999999999999 Level 1

      I have a remote server (Windows 2012 64 bit with CF10 and sp 11) and CFB 2.0.1 on windows 7 32 bit.


      In the CFB Servers Tab - I can open the server moniter and admin screens... I also can see the RDS DataView data sources and also under Services Browser I see my CFC and CFIDE etc objects...


      What I can't do is to in the Servers tab - right click on the server object and stop,restart etc the Servers...


      I can find instructions for installing on the CF server AdminServerComponents.zip and other files for versions cf7 > CF9 but nothing on CF 10.


      Do I need to install additional files or does CF 10 have these files included.




      Jay Bietz