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    Open & Save menu not working on InDesign CS5.5 (7.5.3)




      I am currently managing Windows XP to 7 migration onto our company and facing a very strange issue.


      I want my 2 Quark Xpress users to move to InDesign CS5.5 , we have 2 full licenses for this product, but were unable to make it work correctly for our users. Our objective is to install InDesing CS5.5 on existing XP machines, to let users have the time to convert their QuarK XPress Documents to InDesign.


      In a nutshell:


      - Installing the trial for testing on a Windows XP+SP3 machine in a Domain: Open + save menu are ACTIVE, but not working at all (no dialog window opening)


      - Installing the trial for testing on a Windows 7 x64 + SP1 in the same domain: Open + save menu are ACTIVE, and WORKING


      - Installing the trial for testing on a standalone (workgroup) Windows XP+SP3 machine : Open + save menu are ACTIVE, and WORKING


      About the "Trial", we dont want to activate product until we are sure they are deployed on the production machine.


      The alternative would be of course to install InDesign to a Win 7 machine and let the users convert their document from this machine, but this is a bit "political" hence the best option to have the job done is to have inDesign added to the user's EXISTING XP machine.


      As far as i know, i never met such issue with adobe products. Appart from hiring a costly specialist, i was wondering if anyone of you have any clue where i could direct my search. I dont see any direct relation between the fact that InDesign works in a standalone machine, and not in a domain one, since InDesign is working in the domain W7 machine . i dont think there is any policies controlling this , so i am a bit lost....