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    Why are breadcrumbs in my child project showing the (excluded) parent project path?

    Tatu Mbili

      I have a merged project in RoboHelp 9. When I am running just the child project from that child project's index.htm, I still show the breadcrumbs from the parent project, and users can click on that breadcrumb and access the parent pages, which they are not supposed to do.


      Unfortunately, I had already set up the merged project in the structure Parent>mergedProjects>child 1 before I read Peter Grainge's piece about using the fake parent with the redirect to the childs. Is the only way to remove my parent project breadcrumbs for me to start all over again and set them up as he described? it doesn't make sense to me that the parent would be showing in the child's breadcrumbs.


      Thanks for the help!