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    Library Lending Problems


      When I borrow ebooks from the library, I have set my lending period to 21 days, yet when I open the book in my adobe digital editions it says 2 weeks and on my nook I will "loose" the book in 2 weeks. Why the difference in lending times.

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          sjpt Level 4

          Have they actually expired, or just say they are going to.

          ADE2.0 stupidly decides to quote expiry in weeks, and rounds it down.

          So 1 minute after you have borrowed, and have 2 weeks, 6 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes left, it says 2 weeks.


          I think it will actually last the correct time.

          If you ask the Nook it will probably tell you the loan expiry correctly.

          Also, if you ask for detailed info on the book (ctrl-I), ADE probably tells you correctly.

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            roses43 Level 1

            I signed out an ebook on July 29,2013 and today - 11 days later  I can no longer read the book on my nook. It says lending period has expired. That doesn't even give me 2 weeks and I ask for 21 days. Also on my library account it still says the book expires on August 19th. Which would give me the 21 days I originally asked for.


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              sjpt Level 4

              Are you sure the date on your computer and the date on the Nook have been correctly set up?

              Can you still read the book on the computer using ADE?

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                roses43 Level 1

                Interesting! Never thought of that one, and yes I can still read my book on ADE on my computer and the date still says 1 week left. So I will check my Nook and see what I can find. Thanks

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                  roses43 Level 1

                  Thank you for your help. I had my Nook off-line because the battery drains too fast and I didn't need it online most of the time, so my time/date and zones were not set right. I redid it all last night and within an hour I had my book back that had been marked as expired. Just wondering now if I go offline again, will I loose my time/date again. Guess I'll have to try and see what happens. Thanks again!!!