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    Customer Submitted Web App with Customer Profiles with Categories


      How would everyone go about creating a website where customers could submit web app items where the customers have a public profile that displays all of their web app submissions?


      My first thought would be to create 2 web apps: one for customer submitted web app items and the second for the customers creating their own profile. The trick would be only limiting the profile web app to one submission per customer and listing all of their web app item submissions in their profile. The reason for the customer profile web app is because (as I'm sure most of you know) that the CRM info can't be publicly seen.


      It seems the only way to do this is to create a category for each and every single customer and then attributing the category to each individual web app item submitted by the customer. This seems like it would require a lot of back-end administrator work and possibly some confusion.


      Is there a way to grab the customer's web app profile ID and use that, possibly in a hidden field, on the customer submitted web app item form to allow them to categorize it themselves? I think the best way would be for them to do this, but without being able to accidentally categorize their submission under a different customer.


      Is there a better way that anyone has found to go about doing this?