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    onMotionFinished issue

      Hey guys,

      I have this problem - I have declared a function which consists of few tweens.
      I also declared another function which is calling the "onMotionFinished" state from the previous function but for some reason this doesn't work .... are there some restrictions on this onMotionFinished function or whatsoever please?
      I tried to look for something online, no success.

      here's a code example:

      var newFUNCTION = function(){
      var MAINMENUTween:Tween = new Tween(mainMOVIE, "_x", Regular.easeIn, getProperty(mainMOVIE, _x), 0, 1, true);

      var newFUnctionXX = function(){
      MAINMENUTween.onMotionFinished = function() {

      this is exactly what's not working....which is weird since when you put it there with no "extra" functions (holderLoad etc.) it works (!)

      Many thanks for your help, I am really stuck.